Now is the time to change how we approach education

Helping children become avid lifelong learners Writing about COVID-19, most people focus on the here and now. What are the latest statistics, how are medical services coping, what are people doing as they shelter in place at home, what did the leader of country x say and how did another leader respond? I, however, prefer […]
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Caregivers and teachers should work together in ‘educational partnerships’

It’s crucial to provide teachers with appropriate training and encourage involvement from all parents When children begin school, ideally, their parents and educators enter into an ‘educational partnership’. International studies have shown that parental involvement has a positive impact on children’s academic progress. Therefore, it has long been recommended that schools and preschool facilities encourage […]
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A long way to go: Learning in the 21st century

Various kinds of transformations are affecting important areas of our lives – our workplaces and career paths, family and society, the economy and government policies – and they are being accelerated and intensified by such forces as technology and globalization. As human beings, we are responding to these transformations, but we also want to play […]
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